Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cover reveal: Scorched Earth (out April 30)

I'm so happy to reveal the cover for Takedown 3, SCORCHED EARTH. Had such a hard time choosing between the four cover studies -- it was agony, you guys! But this cover captured the spirit of book 3 the most:

  • Scorched Earth is going to be more suspenseful. Peyton is on the run from a trusted liaison, and the stakes are much, much higher.
  • We're going to dive deep into Peyton's past. How'd she become the specialist that she is? What drove her to the Takedown lifestyle?
  • For someone who lives by her wits and defaults to suspicion to survive, is there space for love and a real, meaningful connection with someone else in Peyton's life? 
I can't wait for you all to read it!!! What do you think of the cover so far? :)


  1. The cover page is very nice, elegant and unique. You are a good designer and it also shows your inner beauty as well as creativity. Good work!