Friday, October 9, 2015

Read an excerpt from In Too Deep (free today!)

Stressed out over a recently completed monster of a project? Mary Shaw feels you. All she wants to do is go on a vacation on a deserted-ish island and be alone. Maybe not so alone: cute guy alert! Brown curls, luscious lips and eyes you can drown in? Yes please!
But all is not what it seems in this island paradise. Mary's 'projects' can turn quite deadly, and she isn't 100% sure she's in the clear with her boss...

In Too Deep, book 1 of the Takedown Trilogy, is FREE today. Grab it and start on the series, because book 2, Peyton Riley, goes free on October 15-16!

Get In Too Deep from Amazon now.

You can also read the reviews or an excerpt for In Too Deep here.

Happy reading!

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