Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Get my print books from Bookbed

I'm an indie author and publisher, and while all my books are available online, I also prep actual, printed, physical books. These are ~artisanal~ (lol), done in small batches and with minute flaws to make you appreciate their authenticity. Ha! Usually you can get these books at #romanceclass live events, like #AprilFeelsDay (on April 30, plugging!), but if you can't make it there, you can now get One Night At The Palace Hotel, Snakehead (#heistclub) and the three-in-one edition of The Takedown Trilogy (combining In Too Deep, Peyton Riley and Scorched Earth) at Bookbed!

Get them now, shipping included!

Tame The Kitten, published by Spark Books, is still available at all National Bookstore outlets.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

February is here and so am I (events!)

And when it rains (romance) in February, it pours! Let me tell you where I'll be this month and I hope to see you there?

February 18, 2PM - #NBSFeelsCafe

Join me and other Sparks Books authors for book signing and chika at Shangri-La Plaza! (Bring your copies of Tame The Kitten!)

February 19, 3PM, RomCon

I'll be joining the Steamy Reads panel at the RomCon (and really excited since this will be in the hometown yo). 

February 24

I'm not talking in this one but I'm excited to join and absorb everything! I loved Jennifer Hallock's American Colonial-era, Philippine-setting Under The Sugar Sun and you should read it too!

February 11, #AMLoveFest

I'm sad to say I'm going to be missing this one but please go! If you've never been to a #romanceclass event, you should. It's life-changing. 

Have a love-filled February, everybody!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Make My Wish Come True: A #romanceclass Christmas anthology

Make My Wish Come True
A #romanceclass Christmas Anthology
Romance, Short Stories
Print Release Date: December 10, 2016

Get ready for feels this holiday season with MakeMy Wish Come True, a Christmas anthology by #romanceclass authors. Join a Kris Kringle and receive the perfect gift, or learn how to survive your first Christmas in Manila and the steps you need to take to be with the one you love. Go to parties that will not go according to plan, feel the cold (and probably humid) December air as you explore city streets, and count down to five minutes to Christmas. Meet kind strangers and friends that remind you of home, and discover that the one who’ll make your holidays better has been beside you all along. With seventeen stories, there’s something for you here no matter what feels you want and need. Fall in love this Christmas with #romanceclass!

Featuring stories from:
Ysa Arcangel * Ines Bautista-Yao * Racquel Sarah A. Castro * Suzette de Borja * Carla de Guzman * Six de los Reyes * Mina V. Esguerra * Tara Frejas * Dawn Lanuza * Chris Mariano * Bianca Mori * Chrissie Peria * Chi Yu Rodriguez * C.P. Santi * Kate Sebastian * Miles Tan * Ana Tejano * Jay E. Tria * Celestine Trinidad

Cover design by: Miles Tan
Edited by: Rix Forto

Book Links:
·         Gumroad: 
·         Print: TBD

About #romanceclass:

#romanceclass is a community of authors who attended various writing workshops organized by Mina V. Esguerra, readers of books by those authors, and readers of English-language romance books by Filipino authors. Visit to see the full catalog of books!

Author Links:
·         Website:
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·         Instagram:

My story One Night In The Streets Of Makati is set in the One Night At The Palace Hotel universe, featuring Cora, Consuelo's best friend. It's an heiress x beta male tale, exploring what happens when the two are thrown together one pre-Christmas Carmageddon night. And yes, it's steamy. :) :)

Get this and 16 other stories from this ebook: 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Free book alert: Scorched Earth (October 21-22)

Peyton Riley is running for her life. 

She's always been a survivor, but she's never been in a pickle like this. Her boss, the man she had come to fear and respect, and the only constant in her peripatetic and dangerous life, is after her–and it doesn't seem like he intends a harmless catch-up. But he's not the only one looking for Peyton. There's her sometime partner-in-crime and occasional hook-up (it's complicated) Carson Varis. Law enforcement is also interested in her boss's shadowy business dealings, thinking she's the key to unraveling them. 

And then there are those dealings themselves. What's her boss up to? Somehow, Peyton doesn't think getting back at a former employee is the worst thing on his agenda…

Scorched Earth is FREE on Amazon from October 21-22! A gift from me to you because I'm really excited for #FeelsFest. :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Smashwords editions of The Takedown Trilogy

Not on Amazon? No problem. You can now get all three Takedown books via Smashwords, which supports epub, mobi (Kindle), pdf, lrf, pdb and txt formats.  Get In Too Deep, Peyton Riley and Scorched Earth for whatever ebook reader / platform you choose -- iBooks, Kobo, your phone...go! :)

You can also order the print edition of The Takedown Trilogy here! All three books in one volume, Php350. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Manila International Book Fair 2016

A photo posted by Mina V. Esguerra (@minavesguerra) on
Feeling awesome because of  #MIBF2016, the Manila International Book Fair! BDAP offered Indie publishers a booth this year where you can buy #romanceclass (romance, duh), #heistclub (crime) and #strangelit (paranormal / strange) self-published books -- and the response has been amazing.

Here's Marigold with her haul (including Takedown, WHEEE!)

Georgette Gonzales being interviewed by Bandila!

And the awesome folks at Bookbed including us in their #MIBF interesting things list.

Get Takedown and Snakehead here now! MIBF runs until September 18 (and I'll be there on Sunday, yay!)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Takedown Trilogy: Blog Tour and raffle WINNERS!

The Takedown Trilogy blog tour ran from August 15 to 21 to spread the word about its independent paperback super edition and wide release in other ebook platforms. 

Gette G. aka Pinay Nobelista, asked me this:

What is the best part of being a romance author?
It’s a powerful thing, being able to evoke powerful feelings in people. I guess it’s easier to scare or disgust a person than to make them relive their happiest memories of love — or desire or attraction. Being able to do that, in however small way, is awesome. also asked me all about being a writer and the Takedown series in particular, which prompted this gem:

How do you plan out the fight/action scenes in your books? On that note, how about the steamy scenes?
I already know what they’re going to do, in my head, because I see it like I see a movie. But getting it from my head, from a visual place, to paper, is difficult. For me, fighting and, er, f***ing scenes are both action scenes, and the process of writing them is similar. They are both tricky in the sense that they’re both what I like to call ‘verb’ pieces. It’s very easy to fall into a trap with verb pieces to become choppy, like ‘He did this. Then she did this. And then he did this back.’ And that’s a pain to read. The challenge for me is to accurately describe what’s going on, but mimic the tempo and flow of what’s happening with the writing style. So with a fight scene, I could do like a staccato rhythm and try to write around some actions to get that sense of dread and adrenaline going on.
Hahaha huhuhu did I really say 'fighting and f***ing' #facepalm

Alice Kamatis wrote a two-part review of the series!

While reading the second book, I stumbled upon a quote in social media that books talk to you and this one does. I wanted to tell Peyton to swallow your damn pride woman, there's a perfectly good catch you have there and he's in love with you, but of course I couldn't blame Peyton.
The blog tour also included stops at Carmel & Kyla's blog, Writing & Lovin' It and Beth G's Stories.

And now for the winners!!! One blogger and one reader will each win a signed copy of the Takedown Trilogy paperback.

First, for the reader. This was drawn via Rafflecopter:

Congratulations, @_jesuiabbie!

For the blogger winner, I entered the names of the blogs who participated during the tour dates (August 15-21) into and hit randomize to pick the winner:

 Congratulations, Alice Kamatis!

Thank you to everyone who joined the tour and the raffle! If you'd like to get the Takedown Trilogy, you can get the ebooks from here:

Book 1: In Too Deep (AmazonSmashwords
Book 2: Peyton Riley (AmazonSmashwords)
Book 3: Scorched Earth 
Book 3: Scorched Earth (AmazonSmashwords)

You can also order the paperback (Php350+shipping) by emailing